Brief Introduction To The Principle Of Pauli Incompatibility

- Apr 06, 2020-

Brief introduction to the principle of Pauli incompatibility

The Pauli exclusion principle, also known as the Pauli exclusion principle, is one of the basic laws of microscopic particle movement. It pointed out that in a system composed of fermions, there cannot be two or more particles in exactly the same state. It takes four quantum numbers to completely determine the state of an electron in an atom, so the Pauli's incompatibility principle manifests itself in an atom as: there cannot be two or more electrons with exactly four quantum numbers In an atomic orbit determined by the orbit quantum number m, l, n, up to two electrons can be accommodated, and the spin directions of these two electrons must be opposite. This has become one of the criteria for the periodic arrangement of electrons outside the nucleus to explain the periodic table.