Car Anti-collision Warning System Function

- May 27, 2019-

Car anti-collision warning system function

1) Distance monitoring and warning: The system continuously monitors the distance from the vehicle in front and provides three levels of distance monitoring alarm according to the proximity to the vehicle in front;

2) Cross-line warning of the car: In the case that the turn signal is not turned on, the system generates a cross-line alarm about 0.5 second before the vehicle passes through various lane lines;

3) Forward collision warning: The system warns the driver that the vehicle in front is about to collide with the vehicle in front. When the vehicle is within 2.7 seconds of the current driving speed and the possible collision time of the preceding vehicle, the system will generate an audible and visual warning;

4) Other functions: black box function, intelligent navigation, recreation, radar warning system (optional), tire pressure monitoring (optional), digital TV (optional), rear view (optional).