Causes Of Frame Breakage Or Deformation

- Jun 29, 2019-

Causes of frame breakage or deformation

1) The car is driving on an uneven road, causing the vertical impact load of the frame to exceed the allowable stress of the frame. In addition, when the car is up and down, turning or loading unevenly, it will also cause partial overload of the frame and cause the frame to break.

2) The frame design or attachment causes local torque to break the frame. If the front section of the frame longitudinal beam is small, and due to the influence of the engine and the transmission, the beam is less distributed, which makes the rigidity of the frame worse. If it is under dynamic load, it may lead to the front of the longitudinal beam. Fracture, that is, it is common to break the lower wing of the stringer. In addition, the frame is also subject to local distortion caused by the cantilever load of the stringer (such as the fuel tank, suspension and spare tire), which is also the cause of the frame breakage.

3) When the car is driving, the front wheel side is subjected to a large resistance, which makes the frame susceptible to the plane deformation of the diagonal.

4) The car has a collision accident, and a serious impact will cause the frame to deform.

Frame deformation means that the frame changes its original geometry and changes the relative position of each assembly part mounted on the frame. The technical condition of the guided vehicle deteriorates, resulting in the car not driving normally. The deformation of the frame often exceeds the elastic limit of the force acting on the frame. After the force used for the frame is eliminated, the frame cannot be restored to its original shape, and residual deformation is formed.