Characteristics Of Chemical Vapor Deposition

- Dec 01, 2019-

Characteristics of chemical vapor deposition

I) There are many types of deposits: metal films, non-metal films can be deposited, and multi-component alloy films can also be prepared as required, as well as ceramic or compound layers.

2) The CVD reaction is carried out at normal pressure or low vacuum, and the coating has good diffractive property. It can uniformly plate the deep holes and fine holes of the surface with complex shapes or the workpiece.

3) Thin film coatings with high purity, good compactness, low residual stress, and good crystallization can be obtained. Due to the mutual diffusion of the reaction gas, the reaction product and the substrate, a film with good adhesion can be obtained, which is very important for surface enhancement films such as surface passivation, corrosion resistance and wear resistance.

4) Because the temperature of the thin film growth is much lower than the melting point of the film material, a film layer with high purity and complete crystallization can be obtained, which is necessary for some semiconductor film layers.

5) By adjusting the deposition parameters, the chemical composition, morphology, crystal structure and grain size of the coating can be effectively controlled.

6) The equipment is simple and easy to operate and maintain.

7) The reaction temperature is too high, usually at 850 ~ 1100 ° C. Many substrate materials cannot withstand the high temperature of CVD. Plasma or laser assisted technology can reduce the deposition temperature.