China's Automotive Coatings Future Development Strategy

- Apr 12, 2019-

China's automotive coatings future development strategy

First, automotive paint companies should change their concepts, establish a systematic understanding of the coatings industry, and lay the road for independent innovation. China's coatings industry has been neglecting the coating process in the development process. General coatings research institutes and coatings manufacturers do not pay attention to the practical application of coatings. Its sales and service personnel also lack the relevant expertise in painting. Although some companies have realized that this lack of equipment has also taken corresponding measures, compared with joint ventures or advanced foreign companies, this aspect is still a weak link. Therefore, coatings companies should adhere to the road of coating and painting integration, so that there will be more room for development.

Second, learn from experience and independent innovation. In recent years, China's auto industry and automotive coatings industry have introduced a variety of projects, and world-renowned auto companies and auto paint companies have entered the Chinese market. In the period of lack of funds and lack of technology, the strategy of market-for-technology and capital is correct. Under the background of economic globalization and regional integration, it is difficult to separate the nation from the world. However, if you always rely on the introduction, there is no brand of your own, it is subject to human control. Therefore, Chinese auto coating companies must be good at independent innovation in order to have their own real market.

Third, take the road of internationalization. China's automotive coatings industry should create our independent innovation system to combine our national conditions to play our advantages. We must also integrate some advanced technological achievements at home and abroad to enhance the core competitiveness of China's coatings industry. Therefore, the coatings industry should cooperate and innovate for foreign-funded enterprises. International road.