Combustion Chamber Shell Introduction

- Aug 11, 2019-

Combustion chamber shell introduction

1. Function: The combustion chamber housing constitutes two air flow passages; in the annular tube and the annular combustion chamber, the combustion chamber housing is composed of an inner outer casing, which is also the main bearing member of the gas turbine.

2. Combustion ribs in the inner casing of the combustion chamber: Many of the inner casings of the combustion chamber are reinforced by reinforcing ribs welded by tantalum. In order to reduce the mass, a plurality of relief holes can be opened in the circumferential direction on the web of the reinforcing ribs, and the flanges are reinforced at the openings.

3. Combustion chamber jacket installation side structure:

(a) lap welding form, which is more common;

(b) butt welding form;

(c) lap welding form; it can achieve better air tightness than roll welding;

(d) The form structure is reasonable, because the weld seam is far away from the mounting edge, which can effectively reduce the deflection deformation caused by the welding heat affected zone on the mounting edge.