Common Clutch Failure

- Jun 21, 2019-

Common clutch failure

1. The clutch slips. When the clutch pedal is completely relaxed, the car starts or the heavy load is weak, and the speed of the car cannot be increased when the car accelerates. In severe cases, smoke and burnt smell appear at the clutch. The essence is that the friction torque is insufficient, mainly due to the reduction of the clutch pressing force or the friction coefficient of the friction surface.

2, the clutch is abnormal. The clutch makes an abnormal noise during clutch engagement or disengagement and when the speed or speed changes. Mainly due to improper adjustment, poor lubrication, abnormal friction or collision of the machine.

3. The clutch is not completely separated. When the clutch pedal is stepped on, it still feels difficult to open the gear. After the gear is engaged, the clutch pedal is not lifted or the vehicle is rushed or turned off. Mainly due to improper clutch adjustment, deformation of the pressure plate or the driven plate, and the air resistance in the clutch operating oil circuit affects the complete separation of the clutch.

4. The engagement process, the clutch is shaking. e) The clutch pedal is heavy and so on.