Common Faults Of The Transfer Case

- Jun 14, 2019-

Common faults of the transfer case


The crankshaft is not concentric with the centerline of the first shaft;

The second shaft front bearing is worn, oiled, and fluffed;

There is a problem with the permanent gear (smooth uniform sound or individual tooth fragmentation with regular gap impact sound);

The permanent gears are not replaced in pairs when repairing, and the meshing is poor;

The first bearing is damaged, or the old gear is replaced with a new one.

2. After the file is filed

Improper gear replacement; differential gear or half shaft gear keyway wear loose;

The gap between the main and driven bevel gears is too large; the driven bevel gears are loose.

3. fever

The bearing is too tight / or the clearance between the gears is too small;

Lack of gear oil, or gear oil viscosity is too small.

4. Strange file

The transmission control spring compression amount does not meet the specified requirements;

The shifting lever interlocking pin is seriously worn.

5. Jumping

The positioning device fails (the shift fork groove or the positioning ball wears loosely, and the positioning spring is too soft or broken);

The gear is severely worn and is tapered in the direction of the tooth;

The transmission shaft, bearing wear is severe or the axial clearance is too large, causing the shaft to jump or sway when it rotates.