Condenser Blade Cleaning Technology Features

- Jul 13, 2019-

Condenser blade cleaning technology features

1. Fast: Two people perform cleaning operations at the same time, and can clean 1000 condenser tubes per hour. When cleaning, it can be cleaned in turn on the side of the armor and the side of the B, without stopping the machine, which greatly shortens the maintenance time of the condenser. It is especially suitable for the summer when the condenser of the thermal power plant is in poor vacuum, and the half-side load is not stopped for repair and cleaning (the condenser has a hole door that can be cleaned without removing the end cover).

2, safety: special polyethylene material - safe, does not damage the pipeline and tube plate expansion. It is especially suitable for the cleaning of thin-walled copper tubes and titanium tubes of power plant condensers.

3. Efficient: Generally speaking, the cleaning warhead is cleaned once through the pipeline. For the pipeline with large amount of dirt or the first cleaning, it can be repeatedly cleaned once. For the individual to be blocked by the sediment, the tube with the opposite light can not be seen. Before the bullet is cleaned, first hit an empty gun. Through one cleaning, the effect is obvious. After repeated cleaning, the terminal difference is significantly reduced, which greatly improves the efficiency of the unit.

4, easy to test: cleaning bullets will be completely out of the pipeline of the condenser pipeline, the cleaning effect is significant, inspection and cleaning effect is even more obvious.

5, low cost: cleaning price is only 1/2 of the high-pressure water jet cleaning price.