Cooling Oil Product Efficacy

- Aug 18, 2019-

Cooling oil product efficacy

(1), ultra-wide working temperature: -45 ° C ~ 180 ° C, to ensure that the engine works effectively at higher temperatures, truly solve the occurrence of cavitation and vapor resistance of the cooling system. When the cylinder is working, the heat is unbalanced. The top of the cylinder, affected by the compressed gas, and the ignition and exhaust, is prone to overheating apex, causing frequent pre-combustion and deflagration, loss of power and fuel, and cooling oil. High boiling point, avoiding the formation of vapor barrier layer, eliminating the "superheated apex" of the cylinder to achieve balanced heat dissipation, and having superior heat balance capability, so that the engine is in optimal working condition.

(2) Cooling oil is designed to have a moving viscosity with temperature. Below the engine temperature of 100 °C, the heat dissipation is slow. This feature can quickly warm the engine and reduce the reactive power loss. At 100 °C or above, the super heat conduction. This feature is very close to the working state of the engine. Therefore, the automatic heat balance function of the cooling oil is humanized.

(3) China has a vast territory, and its geographical and climatic conditions are complex and diverse. Taking the Midwest as an example, the high altitude and low air pressure lower the boiling point of the cooling medium, and the boiling temperature is 80 °C. The drawbacks of gasification, cavitation, gas resistance, high pressure and scale of the cooling system cause the heat conduction to drop and the engine state to deteriorate. In addition, the drought and water shortage in the Gobi Desert has brought great inconvenience and trouble to automobile transportation. The low temperature and high boiling point of the cooling oil can completely eliminate the plateau desert syndrome of the engine. To contribute to the development of China's western region.

(4) The cooling oil is based on the most advanced anti-corrosion formula in the world, and the quality is long-lasting and stable. Eliminate cavitation, scale and other corrosion damage, fully protect metal parts, lubricate and accelerate the operation of the pump, and eliminate the bubble impact caused by the pressure difference on the pump. Excellent compatibility with rubber piping. Make the interior of the cooling system as new and maintenance-free.