Coupe Model Introduction

- Aug 28, 2019-

Coupe model introduction

The biggest advantage: the shape is fashionable and lovely, the lines are smooth and round; the interior is exquisite, the materials are good; the power is abundant; the control is flexible and comfortable.

The biggest disadvantage: the head space is slightly compact; the price is high, the maintenance cost is relatively high, and the accessories are difficult to match.

Appearance: Compared with other MINI models, the MINI COUPE's front windshield has a larger slope. The double-door shape curve is smooth and natural, and it is round and dynamic, and the overall shape is fashionable and cute.

Interior: The interior is reasonable, the overall layout is reasonable, and the style is biased towards movement; the fine workmanship and rich configuration have been well received by netizens, and the seams work evenly and strictly; the leather seats have been well received by many netizens.

Space: The overall space is sufficient, but the head space is slightly compact; the rear seat design is cancelled, the luggage compartment is large, the storage capacity is good, and the storage space in the car is rich and practical.

Control: MINI COUPE overall control is flexible and comfortable, the gear position is clear; the chassis is stable, the stability is good; the wind resistance is small, the back feeling is obvious; the sound insulation works well.

Power: MINI specially equipped the Coupe model with a 211-horsepower high-output 1.6T engine from JCW, and the overall power output is abundant.

Fuel consumption: According to the feedback of most netizens, the fuel economy of MINI COUPE is generally high and the fuel consumption is high.