Cummins Generator Storage Precautions

- May 22, 2019-

Cummins generator storage precautions

1) The fuel tank storage location must be safe to prevent fires. The fuel tank or oil drum should be placed separately in a visible place, properly away from the diesel generator set, and strict prohibition of smoking.

2) The fuel capacity in the fuel tank should be guaranteed daily supply.

3) After the fuel tank is placed, the highest oil level cannot be 2.5 meters higher than the base of the diesel generator set. If the oil level of the large oil depot is higher than 2.5 meters, the daily fuel tank should be added between the large oil depot and the unit to make the pressure of direct oil supply. Not more than 2.5 meters. Even during the shutdown of the diesel engine, the fuel is not allowed to flow into the diesel engine through the oil inlet line or the fuel injection line depending on gravity.

4) The resistance at the port must not exceed the values specified on all diesel performance data sheets when using clean cartridges. This resistance value is based on the fuel tank installed with half of the fuel.

5) The fuel return resistance should not exceed the specifications on the diesel performance data sheet.

6) The connection of the fuel return line should not cause a shock wave in the fuel in the tubing.