Cylinder Cover Crack Measures

- Aug 04, 2019-

Cylinder cover crack measures

1. The cylinder head bolts should be evenly tightened and the oil supply time should be adjusted correctly.

2. Soft water should be added to the water tank and water should be changed as little as possible.

3. The engine should avoid working under overload for a long time.

4. When the engine is working and the water tank is occasionally short of water, it should not be turned off immediately, but should be slowly added at low speed. Do not add cold water after the engine has gone hot. After parking, wait for the water temperature to drop below 40 °C before releasing the water. In the cold winter season, you can't add water immediately, but you should first heat the water and add water.

5. Check whether the cooling water holes are unblocked during assembly. Regularly clean the cooling system with an alkaline solution to remove scale oil in time.