Cylinder Head Work

- May 13, 2019-

Cylinder head work

The function of the cylinder head is to seal the gas, form a combustion space together with the piston, and withstand the action of high temperature and high pressure gas. The working condition of the cylinder head is:

(1) The cylinder head is subjected to high temperature and high pressure gas, and it is subjected to a large bolt preload, resulting in large mechanical stress.

(2) The cylinder head structure is complex, the temperature field is seriously uneven, resulting in large thermal stress. In severe cases, the cylinder head may be cracked and deformed.

Therefore, the design requirements for the cylinder head are

(1) It has sufficient rigidity and strength, and the working deformation is small to ensure sealing.

(2) Reasonably arrange the combustion chamber, valve and air passage to ensure the working performance of the engine.

(3) The process is good, the temperature field is as uniform as possible, the thermal stress is reduced, and the thermal cracking phenomenon is avoided.