Definition Of Combustion Chamber

- Aug 09, 2019-

Definition of combustion chamber

The combustion chamber is a device in which a fuel or a propellant is burned to generate high-temperature gas, and is a combustion device made of a high-temperature resistant alloy material. After the piston reaches the top dead center, the space between the top and the cylinder head, the fuel is burned in this chamber. It is an important component of gas turbine engines, ramjets, and rocket engines.

It consists of a diffuser, a combustion chamber housing, a flame tube, a fuel nozzle, and an ignition device.

Divided into a single tube combustion chamber, a joint tube combustion chamber, an annular combustion chamber.

The combustion chamber cannot be operated under high temperature, heavy load, variable working conditions, corrosive environment, combustion in high-speed airflow and lean mixture.