Definition Of Tracking Control System

- Aug 21, 2019-

Definition of tracking control system

The tracking control system, also called the "traction control system": determines whether the driving wheel is slipping according to the number of revolutions of the driving wheel and the number of revolutions of the driving wheel. When the current one is larger than the latter, the rotation speed of the driving wheel is suppressed. Anti-skid control system. It is very similar to the ABS mode of operation, both using sensors and brake regulators. When the TCS senses that the wheel is slipping, it will first change the engine ignition time through the engine control computer, reduce the engine torque output or apply the brake on the wheel to prevent the wheel from slipping. If the slip is very serious, then Control engine fuel supply system. When the TCS is in use, the gearbox will maintain a higher gear. When the throttle is heavier, it will avoid a sudden lower gear to avoid slipping. The biggest feature of TCS is the use of the existing ABS system computer, speed sensor and control engine and gearbox computer. Even if the spare tire is replaced, TCS can be applied accurately.