Disc Brake Advantage

- Aug 26, 2019-

Disc brake advantage

1. The friction of the disc brake is better than that of the drum brake. When the brake is continuously stepped on, the brake will not be degraded and the brake will be out of order.

2. The change in size of the brake disc after it is heated does not increase the stroke of the brake pedal.

3. The disc brake system has a fast response and can perform high-frequency braking action, so it is more in line with the requirements of the ABS system.

4. The disc brakes do not have the automatic tightening action of the drum brakes, so the braking force of the left and right wheels is relatively average.

5. Because the brake disc has better drainage, it can reduce the brakes caused by water or sediment.

6. Compared with drum brakes, the disc brakes are simple in construction and easy to maintain.