Dish Brake Disadvantage

- Aug 26, 2019-

Dish brake disadvantage

1. Because there is no automatic tightening action of the drum brake, the brake force of the disc brake is lower than that of the drum brake.

2. The friction area between the brake pads of the disc brakes and the brake discs is smaller than that of the drum brakes, so that the braking force is also relatively small.

3. In order to improve the shortcomings of the above disc brakes, a large pedaling force or oil pressure is required. Therefore, it is necessary to use a brake disc having a larger diameter or to increase the oil pressure of the brake system to increase the braking force.

4. The hand brake device is not easy to install. Some models with rear brakes using disc brakes are equipped with a set of hand brake mechanisms for drum brakes.

5. The wear of the brake pads is large, and the replacement frequency may be high.