Driving Assistance System Introduction

- May 29, 2019-

Driving assistance system introduction

1) Super anti-shake camera, the image is clearer. In order to meet the requirements of the mobile working condition of the machine, all hardware and connectors in the machine are anti-vibration and reinforcement. The professional seismic structure design provides superior cushioning and shock protection for the machine, and combines electronic seismic and software seismic technology to effectively solve the impact and vibration problems of the vehicle.

2) The video adopts the modified MJPEG+ compression format, high definition, and supports 30FPS recording speed. Video files can be displayed in real time by connecting to a DVD, navigator, and standalone display.

3) Support four-way simultaneous recording, recording, storage, playback and real-time display.

4) During the exercise, the control is convenient, and the required screen can be automatically switched according to the exercise state. (If the car turns right, the LCD display image only displays the picture taken by the right camera.) It is also possible to forcibly switch the screen.

5) Battery-powered or vehicle-mounted power supply, using advanced technology to achieve low power consumption.

6) Quickly find the search and play function by date and time.

7) Use the USB interface of the machine to back up, play, backup or forensics through the USB interface of the computer.

8) Easy to install, ultra-compact design, only one cigarette size, most suitable for car use.

9) Fast video data backup, support for regular SD card.