Electric Gasoline Pump Introduction

- Jun 01, 2019-

Electric gasoline pump introduction

The electric gasoline pump is not driven by the camshaft, but the pump film is repeatedly sucked by the electromagnetic force. This electric pump is free to choose the installation position and prevent air resistance.

The main installation type of the electric gasoline pump for gasoline-injected engines is either installed in the oil supply line or in the fuel tank. The former has a large layout range and does not require a special design of the fuel tank, which is convenient for installation and disassembly. However, the oil pump has a long suction section, is prone to generate air resistance, and has a large working noise. In addition, the oil pump must not be leaked. This type of vehicle is rarely used in current new vehicles. The latter has a simple fuel line, low noise, and low fuel leakage requirements, which is the current main trend.

In operation, the flow rate of the gasoline pump, in addition to the consumption required to operate the engine, should also ensure sufficient return flow to ensure the pressure stability of the fuel system and sufficient cooling.