Electric Wire Definition

- Sep 08, 2019-

Electric wire definition

Iron-chromium-aluminum and nickel-chromium electrothermal alloys generally have strong oxidation resistance, but because the furnace contains various gases, such as air, carbon atmosphere, sulfur atmosphere, hydrogen and nitrogen atmosphere, etc., these gases are used under high temperature conditions. It has certain influence. Although all kinds of electrothermal alloys are treated with anti-oxidation treatment before leaving the factory, they will cause damage to components to a certain extent in transportation, winding, installation, etc., and reduce service life, in order to prolong service life. The customer is required to carry out pre-oxidation treatment before use. The method is to heat the installed electrothermal alloy component in the dry air to a temperature below 100-200 degrees of the maximum allowable temperature of the alloy, and keep it for 5-10 hours. The furnace can be cooled slowly.