Electronic Fuel Injection Engine

- Aug 03, 2019-

Electronic fuel injection engine

The EFI engine uses an electronic control device to replace the traditional mechanical system (such as a carburetor) to control the fuel supply process of the engine. For example, the gasoline electromechanical injection system uses various sensors to input signals such as engine temperature, air-fuel ratio, throttle condition, engine speed, load, crankshaft position, and vehicle running condition into an electronic control device. The electronic control device calculates and based on these signal parameters. The fuel injection amount and the injection timing required for each cylinder of the engine are controlled, and the gasoline is sprayed into the intake pipe through the injector under a certain pressure to atomize. It mixes with the incoming air stream and enters the combustion chamber to ensure that the engine and catalytic converter are always working at their optimum. Such an engine controlled by an electronic system to inject fuel from an injector into an engine intake system is referred to as an EFI engine.