Electronic Throttle System

- Aug 29, 2019-

Electronic throttle system

1 accelerator pedal module with accelerator pedal position sensor - used to determine the pedal position and transmit the pedal position signal to the control unit

2 Engine Control Unit (ECU) - Receives the pedal position sensor signal and calculates the required power based on the input voltage signal. The actual throttle opening is calculated based on other torque signals such as sudden acceleration, air conditioning, and automatic transmission starting. Also monitors the throttle system

3 throttle control unit—controls the required intake air amount, adjusts the throttle opening according to the signal provided by the control system, and feeds back the throttle signal.

4 Throttle Trigger Lights (Public models are EPC lights on the meter) - Provide throttle warning information to the driver

5 sensor and actuator sensors: accelerator pedal module with accelerator pedal sensor G79, G185, G187 with throttle opening sensor, G188, throttle controller J338,

Clutch pedal switch F36, brake pedal switch F47, brake light switch F

6 actuator