Engine Speed Definition

- Jun 18, 2019-

Engine speed definition

The speed of the engine is related to the number of work times per unit time or the effective power of the engine, that is, the effective power of the engine changes with the speed. Therefore, when specifying the magnitude of the engine's effective power, it must also indicate its corresponding speed.

The effective power specified on the engine product label and its corresponding speed are referred to as calibration power and calibration speed, respectively. The operating conditions of the engine at nominal power and nominal speed are referred to as calibration conditions. The calibrated power is not the maximum power that the engine can deliver. It is the maximum effective power limit that is established based on the engine's application. The same type of engine, when its use is different, its calibration power value is not the same. The effective torque also varies with engine operating conditions. Therefore, the maximum torque that the automobile engine can output and its corresponding rotational speed are used as an indicator for evaluating the dynamic performance of the engine.