Fiat Auto Profile

- Apr 08, 2019-

Fiat Auto Profile

The Fiat Group, one of the world's top ten car companies, was founded in July 1899 in Turin, Italy, and was founded by Giovanni. Agnelli, at the time, the company had 30 shareholders and had a total assets of 800,000 lira.

The Fiat Group adheres to the three core values of creating value, customer satisfaction and human value and respecting people, and forms the basis for self-developed business under the framework of the Group's common ownership. It is reflected in customer satisfaction, leadership monitoring and strategic development, partnership, evaluation, In the aspects of financial management, human resources, announcements and external relations, risk management, corporate security and legal affairs, in the past 100 years of history, we have adhered to two strategic directions: production diversification and commitment to the development of the most potential emerging markets, the group business market Market share has increased rapidly across all continents, especially in emerging developing countries in South America, Eastern Europe and Asia.

Founded in 1899, Fiat is one of the world's leading industrial groups. It has permanent establishments in 190 countries, including 654 companies, 189 factories, 120 research centers, and about 170,000 employees.

One of the founders of the world's automotive industry, Fiat has pursued a dual development strategy since its inception: focusing on innovation and moving to foreign markets. Mainly manifested in the high-tech content of the product as well as advanced industrial systems and organizational structures.

The Group's production and service activities are carried out by business units including: Fiat Group Motors (passenger cars), Maserati and Ferrari (luxury sports cars and F1), Case New Holland (agricultural machinery and engineering equipment), Iveco Companies (commercial vehicles), Fiat Power Technologies (engines and transmissions), Magneti-Marelli (parts and components), Texa (metallurgical products), Comau (production systems) and Aitety ( Publishing newsletter).

In 2006, the Fiat Group sold more than 2 million passenger cars and more than 180,000 commercial vehicles around the world. The group's total turnover is 51.8 billion euros.