Filter Features

- Apr 25, 2019-

Filter features

1. Prevent harmful light

The filter screen not only filters out all kinds of harmful light, but also enhances the driver's visual acuity, improves color contrast and visual field definition, increases visual comfort, and eliminates fatigue caused by long driving. The user can also adjust the brightness of the liquid crystal filter screen according to the intensity of the outside light and his own feeling of light until the most comfortable.

2. Prevent light radiation

The filter screen is effective against UV rays. Compared with the contrast product, its unique filter function can effectively prevent all kinds of harmful light from directly illuminating and irritating the naked skin, and solve the problem of long dark spots, wrinkles, rough skin, etc. caused by light accumulation and light damage. Add the problem of skin aging. Skin care anti-aging.

3. Avoid snow blindness

The liquid crystal filter not only can effectively prevent strong light stimulation, but also can avoid the influence of strong white light in the snow on the eyes, and achieve the purpose of effectively preventing snow blindness. The contrast product does not prevent snow blindness because it only has the function of dimming light.

4. Expand effective horizons

The transparent filter screen overcomes the drawbacks of the car sun visor blocking the line of sight.