Fuel Mobile Detection Vehicle Solution

- Sep 14, 2019-

Fuel mobile detection vehicle solution

Introducing Grabner's leading fuel movement inspection vehicle solution

1. Grabner is an internationally leading manufacturer of analytical instruments for petroleum and petrochemical products. It focuses on petrochemical product analysis for 25 years. The whole line of products is mainly for the testing of main characteristics of gasoline and diesel products. The test sample is small, the speed is fast, the test process is safe, and waste. Less liquid, accurate data and comparability;

2. Since 2003, Grabner has developed and sold in-vehicle oil testing vehicles (mobile testing laboratories) to Europe, the United States and other countries. In recent years, it has gradually expanded to South America, Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asian countries. Grabner sells a total of 94 mobile inspection vehicles worldwide, with more than 500 sets of instruments; the domestic market is still blank.

3. Grabner's vehicle mobile inspection vehicle users are mainly from refining and chemical enterprises and after-sales service departments (70%), third-party testing companies (15%), and military (15%).

4. The use of foreign mobile vehicle inspection vehicles is mainly divided into two categories: advanced developed countries (European and American enterprises) are mainly used for quality internal control and after-sales service; developing countries such as Africa, South America, Southeast Asia, Middle East and other countries are mainly used. Anti-adulteration of oil products and quality monitoring of retail outlets