Fuel Pump Fault Detection Safety Precautions

- Sep 03, 2019-

Fuel pump fault detection safety precautions

1, the old fuel pump

This type of fuel pump cannot be tested when troubleshooting a vehicle fuel pump that has been used for a long time. Because when the fuel pump is removed, because there is fuel remaining in the pump casing, once the brush and the commutator are in poor contact during the energization test, the fuel in the spark ignition pump casing will be generated and the explosion will occur. Very serious.

2, the new fuel pump

For the newly replaced fuel pump, no dry test is allowed. Because the oil pump motor is sealed in the pump casing, the heat generated by the energization during the dry test cannot be dissipated. Once the armature is overheated, the motor will be burnt, so the fuel pump must be immersed in the fuel for testing.

3, other aspects

After the fuel pump leaves the fuel tank, the oil pump should be wiped clean in time, and sparks should be avoided in the vicinity of its placement, and the safety principle of “first wiring, then energized” should be followed.