Fuel Saving Mechanism Of Cooling Oil

- Aug 18, 2019-

Fuel saving mechanism of cooling oil

(1) The size of fuel efficiency is whether the fuel can be fully burned in the engine. The high boiling point of the cooling oil enhances the engine's operating temperature and superior heat balance, providing the engine with a safe and optimal operating temperature environment. Make the fuel burn more completely. The same fuel consumption can generate more power and ensure a reduction of fuel consumption by 5%--10%.

(2) As the engine temperature increases, the temperature of the oil also increases, and the temperature of the oil increases, which corresponds to a lower grade of the viscosity of the lubricating oil. The practical experience at home and abroad proves that in the fluid lubrication range, the viscosity difference of the lubricating oil is 1mm2./s. The energy consumption is about 0.5%~1%; the viscosity difference is one level, the energy consumption is different by 1%~5%; the engine temperature When the temperature is increased by about 10 ° C, the lubricating viscosity is lowered, the lubricating performance is not lowered, and the fuel consumption is lowered.

Oil cooling can improve engine performance at low cost. Therefore, oil cooling instead of water cooling is an inevitable trend.