Fuel System Composition And Arrangement

- Apr 05, 2019-

Fuel system composition and arrangement

The fuel system consists of fuel filler caps, fuel filler pipes, fuel tanks, oil pumps, gasoline filters, charcoal tanks, canister cleaning valves, piping and other components.

The layout of the fuel system has an important impact on the performance of the fuel system. A reasonable arrangement is equivalent to adding insurance to the system, and it is easy to pass national regulations without potential safety hazards. The fuel system layout generally follows the following principles:

1. Priority: After the fuel tank is placed, priority is given to the placement of components such as oil filters, canisters, and solenoid valves.

2. Interference: Fuel system components must not interfere with peripheral components and meet assembly, disassembly, and inspection requirements.

3. Insulation requirements: Fuel system components should be kept away from heat sources such as exhaust systems. If the heat source is too close, heat insulation should be added.