Fuel System Function And Principle

- Apr 06, 2019-

Fuel system function and principle

The fuel system undertakes fuel filling and transportation, which ensures that the fuel reaches the engine smoothly and is supplied to the engine. It is also responsible for collecting oil vapor and discharging it to the atmosphere through filtration. The principle of suction and desorption of the evaporation system is that the fuel in the fuel tank generates oil vapor due to changes in ambient temperature. When the steam pressure is greater than the set pressure of the system, the two-way valve of the system is opened, and the oil vapor enters the canister and is adsorbed by the activated carbon. When the internal pressure of the system is less than the set pressure, the two-way valve is opened, and the outside air is added to the system through the canister. When the engine is running, the ECU detects the opening condition of the canister cleaning valve, the canister cleaning valve is opened, and the fuel vapor is negative in the intake manifold. Under the action of pressure, enter the engine to participate in combustion.