Function Of The Transfer Case

- Jun 12, 2019-

Function of the transfer case

In a multi-axle driven vehicle, a transfer case is provided in order to distribute the output power to each of the transaxles. The transfer case is generally equipped with high and low gears to further expand the transmission ratio and the number of gears when driving in difficult areas.

The function of the transfer case is to distribute the power output from the transmission to each of the transaxles and further increase the torque. The transfer case is also a gear transmission system, which is separately fixed on the frame, and its input shaft is connected with the output shaft of the transmission by a universal joint device, and the output shaft of the transfer case has several roots, respectively, through a universal joint device and each The drive axle is connected.

Most transfer cases have a larger load than the gearbox due to the effect of speed reduction and torque reduction. Therefore, the common gears in the transfer case are helical gears, and the bearings are also supported by tapered roller bearings.