Glass Antifogging Agent Use

- Nov 20, 2018-

Glass antifogging agent use

1. Internal anti-fog: When rainy, foggy, cold weather, when the inside of the car windshield produces condensation, use a clean towel, paper towel to take this product and evenly wipe the fog to produce the anti-fog effect;

2. Effectively remove the dirt and grease on the windshield of the car, make the windshield bright and new, improve the clarity, and greatly help the driving safety;

3, car mirror waterproof membrane: rainy glass will form water droplets, especially the rearview mirror, the formation of water droplets will lead to poor driver's line of sight, posing a threat to safe driving. At this time, use a clean towel and paper towel to take the product and wipe the water droplets evenly. (It is not necessary to rinse when it rains.) The rainwater will become a water film, and it will flow evenly over the glass. The driver's mirror is bright and the driver's line of sight is good. Driving is safe;