Glass Coating Crystal Thicker The Better?

- Mar 02, 2018-

Industry insiders know that the hardness is mostly achieved through thick coating, the thickness increased, how to ensure the permeability of the original car paint and the same texture?

Cottage glass coating that kind of cover like a layer of plastic shell repression, should not everyone is happy to enjoy, but also undermines the color and breathability of the original paint, so the plating needs to find a balance between toughness and hardness Point.

The stability of the combination of plating and paint determines the plating effect, KISHO Glass Coating is superior to other plating is its strong penetration, it can easily integrate into the paint, easy to clean all the paint on the car, so that the car paint as bright as new.In addition ,KISHO Glass Coatinganti-aging paint, to prevent ultraviolet light and adhesion is also strong, that is, the coating is very stable and strong, it is difficult to be washed off, and thus play a long-term protection of the paint effect.