Greetings From KISHO Team In Bulgaria

- Nov 12, 2018-

Greetings from KISHO team in Bulgaria

Benefits of KISHO Glass Coating after construction

1 Easy car wash, save time and effort

Superior anti-fouling and hydrophobic properties make dust difficult to adhere and easy to wash, making your daily maintenance more convenient.

2 long-lasting protection, high cost performance

The precise and smooth coating provides superior adhesion for long-lasting protection. Reduces the number and cost of waxing, sealing and grinding, and truly protects the paint surface beyond cost performance.

3 transparent luster, beautiful appearance

Excellent permeability, perfect for the brilliance of the lacquer. The mirror-like light reflectance makes the paint look more dazzling.

4 super flexibility and hardness

The flexible film layer effectively relieves the damage caused by sand on the paint surface during rapid driving.

5 Multi-effect protection, value preservation and value-added

The film itself will not oxidize and prevent the acid rain, dust, insects, bird droppings and urban dirt from corroding the paint. At the same time, the anti-UV function can effectively prevent the paint from fading, making the paint bright and new. The role of insured value.