Heating Characteristics Of The Tank Heater

- Jun 02, 2019-

Heating characteristics of the tank heater

1. The heating speed is fast, the heat transfer efficiency is high, and it is not easy to scale.

2, can quantitatively heat the oil, how much heating is needed.

3, the oil will not appear local high temperature, carbonization, to ensure the quality of the oil and heat transfer efficiency of the heater.

4. The oil outlet has the highest temperature in the oil tank, which ensures the fluidity of the oil.

5. Avoid repeated heating of the oil in the tank to ensure the color of the oil and reduce the cost of oil treatment.

6, long service life, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, anti-fouling function, greatly improving the overall performance of the heat exchanger.

7. The advanced design of the process structure ensures the smooth outflow of oil products and the better “sucker bottom” function.

8, can achieve automatic control, according to the oil inlet and outlet temperature and oil flow rate to control the steam feed.

9. Compact structure, convenient installation and maintenance, and will not affect the safety of the tank due to the installation of the heater. Compared with the U-tube heat exchanger, in the case of the same heat exchange area: the outer dimensions of the vortex hot film heat exchanger are only about one-half of the outer dimensions of the U-tube heat exchanger.

10. Relative to the electric heating method, it is safer, the heating is milder, and the impact on the quality of the oil is smaller.