High Frequency Heating Equipment

- May 23, 2019-

High frequency heating equipment

The high-frequency heating device adopts the principle of magnetic field induced eddy current heating, and uses a current to generate a magnetic field through the coil. When the magnetic field lines pass through the metal material in the magnetic field, the boiler body itself heats up at a high speed, and then heats the substance, and can reach a person in a short time. Satisfactory temperature. The main advantages of this product are magnetic heating, energy saving, environmental protection, zero emission, unattended, water and electricity separation, no scaling, no open flame, easy to operate, safe and reliable, durable, clean and environmentally friendly, easy to install, beautiful appearance, suitable Wide, no noise, odor, open circuit, there is no danger of explosion at all. It has many intelligent protections such as anti-overheating, no leakage, anti-water and anti-dry burning, anti-underpressure, over-pressure prevention, anti-freezing, automatic high-temperature heat storage at night when electricity is low, no fumes, no heat radiation and so on. The use of backwater control to control the high-power radiator for heat dissipation can fully utilize the recovered heat source to improve thermal efficiency and adapt to various harsh environments.