How Asphalt Heaters Work?

- Jun 02, 2019-

How asphalt heaters work?

The unit uses heating oil as the heating medium to achieve higher temperatures at lower operating pressures. High thermal efficiency and easy automatic temperature control. The asphalt is heated evenly and the speed is fast, and one or two heating can be performed.

The unique vortex hot film tube is used as the heat exchange element, the heat medium heat conduction oil takes the tube, and the asphalt flows between the shell tubes. The thermal efficiency is 3-5 times that of a conventional heat exchanger. A temperature control valve is arranged at the inlet of the heat medium heat transfer oil, and the temperature of the asphalt outlet temperature is detected by the temperature sensor to control the amount of the heat transfer oil of the heating medium to ensure the constant temperature of the asphalt. The enhanced heat transfer mechanism is: the flow of the fluid on the inner and outer surfaces of the flow design city turbulent flow, resulting in strong shock and erosion, the direction of the flow is constantly changing, the boundary layer is thinned to cause damage, heat transfer is accelerated. Local high temperature overheating of the asphalt is avoided.