How The Oscillator Works?

- May 23, 2019-

How the oscillator works?

There are mainly LC loops composed of capacitors and inductors, which are free to oscillate through the mutual conversion of electric field energy and magnetic field energy. In order to maintain the oscillation, there is also an amplifying circuit with positive feedback. The LC oscillator is divided into a transformer-coupled and three-point oscillator, many quartz crystal oscillators using quartz crystals, and an LC oscillator composed of an integrated operational amplifier.

Since the parameters of the device are not exactly the same, the state of the two transistors changes at the moment of power-on. This change is caused by the positive feedback, which leads to a transient steady state. During the transient steady state, the other transistor is turned on or off after being gradually charged by the capacitor, and the state is reversed to reach another temporary steady state. This cycle begins to oscillate.