How The Wheel Reducer Works?

- Jun 30, 2019-

How the wheel reducer works?

The wheel reducer is mainly composed of a sun gear, a planetary gear, a ring gear and a planetary carrier. Generally, the active sun gear is connected with the half shaft, the passive planetary carrier is connected with the wheel, and the ring gear is connected with the axle housing. The wheel reducer is designed to improve the driving force of the car to meet or correct the matching of the entire drive system force. The wheel reducer currently used is a set of gear transmissions that reduce the speed and increase the torsion to meet the needs of the entire transmission system. From the engine through the clutch, transmission and transfer case to transfer the power to the front and rear axle final drive, and then from the output of the final drive to the wheel reducer and wheels to drive the car. In this process, the working principle of the wheel reducer is to increase the torque and torque transmitted by the final drive through its deceleration and then transmit it to the wheel, so that the wheel will have a larger impact under the ground adhesion. Driving force. Thereby reducing the force on the parts in front of the wheel reducer.