How To Correctly Understand Ceramic Coating?

- Mar 07, 2019-

How to correctly understand ceramic coating?

Waxes, seals and ceramic coatings all form a protective barrier against the paint surface.

It is only the tightness of this barrier combined with the paint surface, and their stability is different.

Ceramic coating is better than wax and seal in protecting car paint because it is more tightly bonded to car paint and slightly higher in construction requirements than car wax and seal.

Ceramic coating is not easily decomposed and removed by chemical agents after proper construction, so ceramic coating has an absolute advantage in terms of durability.

The ceramic coating can effectively resist the impact of extreme weather and chemical pollution on the paint surface, while providing a good self-cleaning effect on the paint surface.

The lacquer plating is resistant to scratches caused by daily car washes and the erosion of most chemicals.