How To Grasp The ​KISHO Si-901 Top Ceramics Glass Coating Wipe Time?

- May 07, 2018-

KISHO Si-901 top ceramics glass coating has a very fast crystallization rate. When the temperature is very high, it must be divided into sections (50*50cm). To avoid construction failures, it is important to grasp the time of wiping with a towel.

How to grasp the KISHO Si-901 top ceramics glass coating wipe time?

Select a 50*50cm area in the paint to test. 

The first step is to apply Si-901.

The second step is to wait for 30 seconds to allow the coating film layer to have initial hardening. 

The third step is to wipe the paint surface with a towel. If the resistance becomes large, it can be wiped. If the wiping resistance is small, you can wait for a while to wipe it.

Finally,Find the right wipe time on the above operation.