Influencing Factors Of Understeer

- Aug 24, 2019-

Influencing factors of understeer

1, tire adhesion / road conditions. The smaller the tire adhesion, the more likely such problems occur. This is one of the reasons why accidents occur in rainy and snowy environments.

2. The angle of the bend and the speed of the bend. These two factors determine the size of the centripetal force, the speed of the bend and the engine also determine the magnitude of the driving force. The greater the bending speed, the smaller the cornering angle, the larger the centripetal force, and the larger the driving force, which makes it easier for the tire to slip. This is one of the reasons why it is best to reduce the speed when entering the corner, and the larger the turning radius, the better.

3. Vehicle driving form. In general, predecessor vehicles are more prone to understeer, and rear-drive vehicles are more prone to oversteer. Mainly when the driving force changes, it will be affected, just like the tires in the rain and snow weather have the same adhesion. If you slam the throttle, it will be more prone to such problems. It is a man-made understeer or oversteer. Steering characteristics are generally neutral. In addition, the four-wheel drive vehicle has the driving force of the whole wheel because the four wheels share the driving force of the single wheel, and the driving force of the single wheel is smaller than that of the front or rear drive wheel, and the natural bending ability is stronger.

4. The geometric angle of the suspension. These data manufacturers have already been set at the time of shipment, and there will be no major changes in normal use. Unless there is a major accident in the chassis, this aspect needs to be considered.

5. Body electronic stability system. In order to overcome such problems, many manufacturers are equipped with a body electronic stability system when the vehicle leaves the factory. The system is adjusted by the driving force control, and the effect is also obvious. Only different models have different names, such as ESP, VDC, etc.