Introduction Of Huimo

- May 12, 2020-

Introduction of Huimo

Huimo is made of pine as the basic raw material, mixed with more than 20 other raw materials, and is refined through the processes of cigarette lighting, blending, pressing, drying, flanging, painting gold, and boxing. The finished product has the characteristics of black luster, firm and bright, no halo when entering the paper, no licking pen, long-lasting, rich fragrance and anti-corrosion and anti-moth, etc. It should be suitable for painting and painting. "Inkstone". The color of Hui ink can be divided into five levels: coke, heavy, thick, light, and clear. The color of the ink has not faded for thousands of years. The ink is black and the paint is black, and the light ink is rich in rhyme. It is used for endless changes in painting and calligraphy. It is also painted with various patterns on both sides, beautiful and elegant, and is a treasure of calligraphy and painting.