Introduction To Automobile Exhaust Muffler

- Mar 19, 2019-

Introduction to automobile exhaust muffler

The exhaust muffler of a car is a major component of driving noise. Countries around the world have strict regulations on the noise limits of various vehicles. The exhaust muffler is such a device for reducing exhaust noise.

The function of the exhaust muffler is to eliminate noise by reducing and attenuating the pulsation of the exhaust pressure.

According to the principle of interference, the exhaust muffler has two basic modes of absorption and reflection. The absorption muffler reduces the energy of the exhaust gas on the sound absorbing materials such as glass fiber, steel fiber and asbestos; the reflection muffler has a plurality of series-connected harmonic chambers connected with different lengths of porous reflection tubes, and the exhaust gas In which it undergoes multiple reflections, collisions, expansions, and cooling to reduce its pressure and reduce vibration and energy.

In actual situations, the car is mostly designed with a combination of different muffling principles to design the exhaust muffler. At the same time, multiple muffler units are used for multi-stage muffling and noise reduction in small passenger cars with high comfort requirements. control.