Introduction To Elbow Muffler

- Oct 15, 2019-

Introduction to elbow muffler

The elbow muffler combines the muffling and turning to eliminate the noise from the fan, and the pipe can be turned and turned, the volume is small, and the frequency characteristics are mainly low frequency. Therefore, when combined with other tubular muffler, the effect is not only effective. Very good, flexible and convenient, saves space, has great advantages.

The anechoic elbow is an elbow lined with sound absorbing material and has a significant attenuation effect on sound waves. The sound attenuation consists of three parts: the absorption and reflection of the near-axial wave in the wall of the elbow, and the energy of the near-axial wave is converted into the energy of the oblique wave at the time of turning and is effectively absorbed by the sound absorbing material. Insert a straight-angle silencing elbow into the rectangular section tube, and add a sound-absorbing pad on both sides of the elbow, the length is 2 to 4lz (lz is the characteristic width of the tube section), then the high-frequency insertion loss ratio is the same The insertion loss of the length of the straight pipe is 10 dB higher. The so-called high frequency, that is, the frequency higher than the cutoff frequency of the pipe. The muffling elbow acts at a low frequency, similar to a straight tube of the same length, with no additional insertion loss.