Introduction To Neutron Scattering

- Apr 30, 2020-

Introduction to Neutron Scattering

Complementing X-ray technology, neutrons play a unique role in structural and imaging analysis due to their own characteristics. Neutrons are electrically neutral, with strong penetrating power and non-destructive, so that they can detect the internal force field information (such as residual stress) of substances, and are also conducive to experimental research in complex and integrated special sample environments; The effect of does not increase regularly with the increase of atomic number, so that light elements or adjacent elements can be better resolved by neutron scattering or imaging techniques; neutrons have intrinsic spins so that they can be accurately Reveal the microscopic magnetic structure information that other means are difficult to give. The established theory on low-energy thermal neutrons provides an effective way to carry out multi-disciplinary theoretical prediction, experimental verification and perfect the theory. Neutron scattering technology can not only explore the static microstructure of matter, but also be used to study the dynamic mechanism of the structural change process. Therefore, neutron scattering has played an irreplaceable role in X-rays in the fields of physics, chemistry, materials, engineering, etc., and has become an important means of material science research and research and development of new materials.