Introduction To Rust Inhibitor

- Jul 06, 2019-

Introduction to rust inhibitor

Rust inhibitor is a super-efficient synthetic penetrant that penetrates into rust, corrosives and oils to easily remove the rust and corrosives on screws and snails. It has osmotic rust, loose lubrication and resistance. Corrosion, protection of metals and other properties. A lubricating film can be formed and stored on the surface of the part to suppress corrosion caused by moisture and many other chemical components.

A rust inhibitor is a surfactant that allows a liquid to penetrate rapidly and uniformly into a solid interior and has a wide range of uses in the printing and dyeing industry. Shubo Run penetrant is formulated with active permeation aids, lubricants and rust removers. It has multiple functions such as loose rust, anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, cleaning, lubrication and protection. It has strong penetrating ability and convenient use. It is suitable for metal and wood. Materials such as finishes are non-corrosive and have a protective function.