Introduction To The Classification Of Fuel

- Jun 03, 2019-

Introduction to the classification of fuel

1.According to the form

According to the form, it can be divided into three types:

Solid fuels (such as coal, charcoal, wood, shale)

Liquid fuel (such as gasoline, kerosene, heavy oil)

Gas fuels (such as natural gas, coal gas, biogas, liquefied gas): Gas fuels mainly include light gas fuels such as conventional natural gas, coalbed methane, landfill gas, and shale gas. These fuels are abundant and clean.

2. By type

Can be divided into 3 types by type

Fossil fuels (such as oil, coal, oil shale, methane, oil sands, natural gas, etc.)

Biofuels (eg ethanol [alcohol], biodiesel, etc.)

Nuclear fuel (such as uranium 235, uranium 233, uranium 238, thorium 239, thorium 232, etc.).

3. Producing nuclear energy

Refers to substances that produce nuclear energy, such as uranium and thorium.

Some gaseous fuels can be compressed into liquids, such as liquefied petroleum gas.