Japan May Day Holiday

- Apr 26, 2019-

Japan May Day Holiday

Japan is a country with more festivals. There are many festivals around May 1st, such as the April 29th Arbor Day, the May 3rd Constitution Day, the 4th National Holiday, and the 5th Children's Day. These holidays are connected. Generally, the Japanese have at least one week of rest, and the longest is even 11 days.

For the working class, the meaning of this long vacation is really unusual. Therefore, in Japan, the special celebration of Labor Day was gradually replaced by the “May 1 Golden Week”. And since April 29, Japan has entered the "Golden Week."

Many restaurants, hot springs and other entertainment facilities throughout Japan have launched various advertisements to attract tourists before the May 1st. The price of ordinary hotels has more than doubled.

On April 29th, Narita Airport in Japan ushered in the first peak of the holiday. More than 40,000 tourists went abroad from there, and it is expected that the airport will transport 810,000 passengers during the Golden Week.

[Important Notice]

Dear My friend, my client:

Japan will welcome the holiday from April 27th to May 6th. During the holiday period, only orders will be accepted, but it will not be shipped. The products will be delivered in order work on May 7.

So please check your inventory, if there is a need for ordering, please contact me in time to order.